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Actions speak louder than words 

Political experience

2009-2010: Member of Rice Lake Council
2010-2012: Mayor of Rice Lake, WI
(at 19 years old, Romaine was the youngest mayor in the history of Rice Lake, WI)
2014-2020: 75th Assembly Representative
2017-2020: WI State Assembly Majority Caucus Vice Chair,Chairman of the Committee on Science and Technology, and Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage


* Champion of Economic Development from the Wisconsin Economic Development Association










*Excellence in Legislative Leadership Award from     

the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association




* Building Wisconsin Award from the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin














* Friends of Towns Award by the Wisconsin Towns Association










 * Published in Council of State Governments national newsletter.


Passed both houses, signed into law:

    1.     AB 517 (Collin’s Law): creates an optional registry for people with invisible disabilities, so that police officers can better interact with those on the registry during difficult situations such as traffic stops.       


2.    AB 583: ends a double taxation on the use of emergency crews that are working to restore power after severe storms


    3.      AB 584: allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to replace critical documents such as drivers licenses and vehicle registration that have been destroyed in natural disasters


4.       AB 599: ensures the DNR cannot change determinations of navigability of a stream based on non-natural events impacting water flowage


         5.       AB 600: gives the Town of Cable permission to create a Tax Incremental District, planned to help redevelop the historic Telemark Ski Lodge


    6.       AB 605: creates a mentored trapping program to encourage more people to get involved in this aspect of WI’s outdoor heritage


   7.       AB 628: allows high schools to allow students in good standing to participate in adult apprenticeship programs for school credit 


8.       AB 917: creates a Telecommuter Forward! designation with the Public Service Commission, to incentivize municipalities to build infrastructure that attracts workers who telecommute for their job


Passed Assembly, not Senate:

·         AB 878: created the option to buy a lifetime fishing license


Budget Motions

·         AB 123: increases the amount of money available for Broadband Expansion Grants and TEACH grants to $35.5 million


   ·        AB 227: creates a $750,000 grant program to train advanced practice clinicians in rural hospitals

(he also wrote a budget motion on funding Dementia Care Specialists – the budget committee actually went beyond his request and expanded the program, rather than hold the program steady)

·         $500,000 in additional funding to combat aquatic invasive species in order to protect our environment

·         Prevent County Conservation Officer funding from being cut

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